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Hello and welcome to Ilaya Care!

After much reflection, engaging conversations, and a certain amount of boldness, I decided to change course to realize my dream with a project aligned with the values that are dear to me: love for nature, a return to simplicity and authenticity, and a certain depth in my life and actions, as well as in my cosmetic products.

At Ilaya Care, we know that nature provides the best ingredients for taking care of our skin. Nature takes care of us, and Ilaya Care thanks it by directly contributing to the replanting of Argan trees.
Nurtured all my life by the two cultures of my beloved countries, Morocco and Switzerland; it was essential for me to connect these two realities and draw inspiration from the ancestral beauty secrets of Morocco to create a range of products with effective natural active ingredients and high quality.

Notre Philosophie

All our formulas are unique and developed with experienced chemists. At Ilaya Care, we are proud to create natural and certified products so that our customers can take care of their skin in a healthy and sustainable way.

Throughout this new entrepreneurial adventure, I have been fortunate to meet many people who share the same values as me and who have contributed to making Ilaya Care an authentic and respectful brand.

Chez Ilaya Care, nous croyons en la force de la communauté. Faisons de nos actions individuelles le point de départ de l‘effet papillon qui nous permettra de créer un monde meilleur.

Join me in this adventure and discover the beauty of nature with Ilaya Care!


The choice to be transparent and honest in our products, values, and communication

Le Minimalisme

Short, complete, and that meets all your essential needs.


The selection of natural products recognized for their strong active principles

Le Bien-Être

The choice to return to what is important to preserve one's well-being

An engaged brand

Ilaya Care is a cosmetics brand designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Morocco. This fusion allows for the valorization of local products and Moroccan craftsmanship, combined with the reliability and quality standards of Swiss products.

We modernize ancestral recipes to create natural, authentic beauty products with beneficial effects that are quickly visible on your skin. Our approach is ecological and ethical, with a positive and concrete impact on the environment and society. Adherents of slow beauty, we use high-quality ingredients and adopt gentle, sustainable manufacturing methods to create natural products that respect the skin and the planet.

A human brand

Because human value is always at the center of our concerns, focusing our strategy on the professionalism of our teams, their skills, ethics, and well-being is essential to us. Ilaya Care relies on an excellent team of collaborators who know and perfectly master all product ranges and are continuously trained on their evolutions. Similarly, we maintain close and privileged relationships with our suppliers and distributors to ensure continuous value creation for our customers and position Ilaya Care as an ethical and innovative brand in the long term.


In line with our quality approach, we are committed to working with laboratories that have obtained the NM ISO 22716 certification and, as such, comply with all the requirements of good manufacturing practices. Their investments in cutting-edge technologies, proven scientific methods, and innovation axes guarantee the effectiveness of the products. Thanks to this, the Ilaya Care range brings you maximum quality and safety.

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